#66 rainbows

Wednesday morning I cycled round to ‘t Buurtnest to go to some kind of open morning called Uithoorn voor elkaar   – “Uithoorn for each other”. a community info/ help thing. Anyway it wasn’t there. So i’ll look it up again & see where i went wrong. At 4pm i got the bus to Amsterdam for the school introductory parents evening –  lots of info for the parents of everyone in the (Dutch) Language learning classes at DENISE. It was a very international group of parents! I sat between folks from Bulgaria and Moscow. They explained how the year works, and what options there are for the kids once they graduate from the Language class. There are lots of options! I also spoke with 3 of the mentors about Fred, he has had some problems already, or should I say some of his struggles have already become visible! The mentors were very positive & supportive about him.   I really have no idea if this school is right for him in the longer term, but I’m certainly glad they want to teach him Dutch for the time being! !


Wow they weren’t exaggerating about the Dutch rain! We have been heartily soaked quite a few times this week. It comes out of nowhere! On the plus side, i have seen double rainbows 3 days in a row. Each one really reminds me that God keeps His promises. All the good things He has ever promised His people, Everything He has ever promised us. He will never let us down. This is the view of the Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum from the boy’s bus stop. the school is somewhere close by, to the right of that taller tree on the right. They did their P.E. on this grass yesterday!

After the meeting I treated myself to a walk down Gerrit Van Der Veen street. It’s somewhere I’ve passed through a thousand times without ever having a closer look. I had a goat cheese & veg lasagne in Fidelio’s. It’s a nice street.

When I got in after 9,  no-one had bothered to heat the dinner I’d bought. (Lola was out with some UK college friends) so they went to bed hungry. Really. I am past spoon-feeding them!

(I do provide food as a rule)!

This morning there was tears from Fred, he was begging not to go to school etc, which is exhausting. Did i mention they don’t really use books, everything is on the iPads.


Some excellent aspects: F hates writing, so he is happier doing his work on there. Also it’s impossible to lose your homework, accidentally or otherwise! And all his school info & timetable is on there, so we always know what lessons & what time they need to turn up (different time each morning depending on if they have a mentor session).

Thursday morning I walked a bike down to the nearest bike repairs place (v close- obv they are everywhere) to get a new inner tube fitted. In about 6 minutes it went from totally dry & sunny to absolute downpour. GAH! Then I cycled to church for my first ladies meeting “Vrouwencontact”. On Sunday I had got the handout about Psalms 1, I had done a bit of work translating it, it took quite a while. So at the meeting I intro’d myself a little in Dutch, did a few sentences about the family and why we’re here. Then I just listened the whole time. I could understand quite a lot of words and phrases. I got the gist. but i didn’t say anything. D would have been happy to repeat everything in english for me, but you know,  I really am trying to learn Dutch!

So I enjoyed it in an eavesdropping kind of way. Possibly the first time i have ever been quiet in a church ladies meeting!!

Thankfully Fred came home from school positive. He had done his missed homework on the bus on the way in. He had enjoyed his swimming lesson . That kid is amazing!

Friday morning Lola & I went to visit K in Amstelveen. I haven’t seen her in weeks. We had a good chat. Seeing her, realising she is still new at this life (been here 10 months) reminds me that we are really, really new at it too!

Then Lola and I ended up getting the bus to Hoofddorp and finally found her some thicker wintry trousers in Primark.

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