#67 Leimuiden cycle

Saturday.  Lee & I donned weather appropriate clothing and cycled around the Westeinderplassen. I think it was about 30 miles altogether, if you include all our wrong turns and detours.

First we saw these alpaca and some wallabies in De Kwakel. We went by Kudelstaart to the meer and cycled to Leimuiden. It’s in the province of South-Holland.

at Kudelstaart

I think it was about 1.5 hours to Leimuiden, it was raining throughout, but not hard. We had on our free raincoats from Love To Share, so we stayed mostly dry. We had the lake on the right and lots of farms on the left. We saw a pottery called “A Patch of heaven”, a garden centre and a lot of fabulous homes with their own marinas backing onto the Meer. In Leimuiden we had uitsmiter (3 fried eggs on bread!) and a coffee at a strange little empty pub, it was really good food cooked & served by a nice ole gent. Then across the bridge over the Leimuiderdijk. We thought we could see 2 ugly big black buildings with white arrows on, across the bridge, but it was in fact the dual carriageway! it was the bridge, raised up so some sailboats could go through.  Then we cycled the return half of the trip, up the Leimuiderdijk. This was more like a river, with some wild islands, leading to the meer, looking like the everglades or something!




A handy map there for boaters. Lee & I are both very excited about the thought of navigating these waters ourselves sometime. These pics really don’t capture it, it was so beautiful. I was absolutely wowed!

Then we arrived at Aalsmeer & had a hot drink, we needed a break from the saddles!


Ok so here’s a map with the red blob, our house.


And some pics off the web as ours didn’t express the beauty!

rij2rij 1


So glad we went out in the rain!

Waiting for another bridge at Aalsmeer.


Of course it got sunny as soon as we got in!


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