#68 feeling lonely

On Sunday I went to church on my own. I was listening as Daniel preached from Joshua, and i managed to hear quite a few good things. I sat by A, another smiley vivacious older lady. then chatted to a couple over coffee. I was asking some dull Q’s like: how do I dispose of my couch with the hole in it?  I can’t really believe we shipped it here 330 miles to get thrown away! But of course we didn’t know we’d be moving into a furnished house, did we. So that was fun, I do appreciate people chatting to me in English. It is no sacrifice for them, it doesn’t have the rep of being difficult. It’s a normal activity here. Of course I do try Dutch but it’s so difficult to make out words in a loud, crowded coffee room.

See these fab autumnal chocs from AB Muller! also this crochet i have picked up again.

Monday morning I enjoyed a quiet time to myself after the boys went to school. Just did lots of washing & some shopping. Unfortunately after school some of my kids* got into a bit of a fight! I just separated them and after lots of anxiety about what to do… I didn’t do anything! I have brought them up and now it’s between them & God what they get up to! They both seemed OK today and didn’t mention it.

(*not who you’d think!)

These boys actually enjoying their homework, hurrah!

In the evening i had a nice phone chat with my sister.

Tuesday morning I felt so lonely! I did some jobs & watched a bit of ‘Diane in Denmark’, she usually cheers me up. I went to “Love To Share” and chatted to the same ole bloke as last week, about taking apart cassette players & such! He happily talks in a mixture of eng & dutch. People there are trying to help me learn, by insisting on dutch. But talking so slow & painstakingly is not fun when I was feeling so lonely! I took some phone numbers of people in church and someone came up with some volunteering suggestions for the girls.

Jojo had lost his bus pass on the way home from school! How frustrating! However a quick phone call in English & 11 euros to block the card & replace it in a couple of days. Easily sorted.


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