#69 Rijsenhout

Thursday. It was surprisingly warm & sunny again today, so Lola & I cycled 23 km to Rijsenhout and back. It’s a lovely village along the Aalsmeerderdijk which Lee & I passed through on Saturday. none of my pictures came out except this one of the meer, which  looks a bit dark.  It was 3pm on a sunny day!


Winter is drawing near though. The boys have to leave while it’s dark in the mornings. We haven’t quite got used to the early mornings yet.

Our £1,50 fuchsia is doing well in the deluges! And my boy made himself a macaroni salad this morning for packedlunch, and left us some in the fridge with this cute notice!


Lola and I cycled 6km straight up Norddammerweg today to K’s house for pancakes! It’s virtually one straight road between our house and hers. It’s lovely to have K to talk to as she understands the sometimes loneliness, frustrations, and more that come with moving countries, and coping with teenagers in that situation.  and also losing the status/ identity you had,  which had built up over many years. She is quite a blessing!


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