#70 Baambrugse Zuwe

Hi, I was wowed once again! By this beautiful country. After I cooked an english breakfast, Lee and I decided to cycle to the Baambrugse Zuwe. If you look at this map you can see why!


It’s one street, on a dijk in the middle of the Vinkeveense plassen. We love stuff like that!

Goodbye Uithoorn! It was a beautiful sunny morning.

Cycling along the Zuwe, (which appears to mean a dijk across the main dijk) was just like cycling down any fancy tree-lined residential street. You couldn’t see the water either side. You could just see masts sticking out above the posh garages & secure walls. It’s another fabulous location for nosing at rich folks’ homes, which we do enjoy.

About 2/3 of the way across we came to a public place for boating etc. It was full of scuba divers!


It was absolutely gorgeous! And the water was so clear and clean. You would happily swim in it. We also saw a few quite large fish in there, 2 or 3 feet long. This was actually an island off the Zuwe called, imaginatively, Zandeiland 4.  (sand island 4) .There was a footbridge to Zandeiland 5. We walked over.


We were the only people there. The colours were positively tropical today! It’s a pristinely kept park with climbing frame, fire pits, toilets & a nice safe shallow area with a little sandy beach. Wow!


very tempted to paddle!

What an amazing place.


Then we cycled on to the end of the Zuwe & had a very affordable hot drink & shared an apple tart in a pub.

There’s lots more to see there. We cycled back round by the main road, and even that was a dijk between 2 areas of water. It’s so fun!


At Vinkeveen we saw a load of WW2 jeeps & motorcycles with participants dressed in period clothing. We had a gorgeous sunny warm day. We cycled just over 30km. What a wonderful day and virtually for free! We really are so blessed!



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