#71 The broken arm

Monday Morning, 9.30am Fred and Jojo had got off their bus at Museumplein. Fred tripped & fell on his left wrist. There happens to be a police box just there, so a police looked after them, a passing Dr had a look & an ambulance was called. I just told Jojo to stick with him and, when he found out what hospital, to message me. The police phoned me twice and then I headed on the bus to Ziekenhuis Amstelland. I found Fred there waiting for an x-ray. His arm & wrist were hurting, he had been given some painkiller and he was calm with just an aching pain.

They x-rayed, the fracture is just below the elbow, which explains why it’s painful to move the hand.


When I got the call I had just been thanking God for a peaceful start to the school week. !! The whole experience was remarkably peaceful, smooth and all friendly faces & no obstacles. Wow!


His main concern was whether he can still go to school camp on Monday. He can!

The boys and I headed for Stadshart shopping centre & he had ribs n chips for lunch and an ice cream. It wasn’t worth sending Jojo to school as they finish early on Mondays.

He was even fine to cycle home from the bus station!


He slept okay, he is in a bit of discomfort in the cast, they always irritate don’t they. Just knowing you can’t take it off… He woke & got up for school & toddled off this morning on his bike.

The camp is next Mon-Wed in Terschelling, on the Wadden Islands -Up North!


Also excitingly I’ve booked my flights for my first visit to the UK! Flying with mum to Birmingham 14th Nov & back from Liverpool 21st, so I can see some friends too! Hurrah.

Here’s a lovely piece of work, I don’t know who it’s by. I just liked it.


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