#72 dealing with worries

I was full of anxiety this morning. There’s always lots going on, I have so many things to sort out for people. There’s our 1st medical bill of over £200 euros,  (that’s on top of our hefty monthly health insurance payment!) And much, much more. Just like any other human. These things were taking up a lot of room in my head as I helped wrestle Fred into his t-shirt and made his lunch sandwiches. After they left for school I had the house to myself. Peace!? Well, no. Not in this heart.

This is what I used to do: write down each worry/care and pray through the list, Declaring that God is sovereign and He is working on it, and I used to find that before I was halfway down the list, I was not worried or anxious anymore. I remembered that these things are out of my control. Looking after everything is His Department!

I don’t even do that anymore. This is from this morning.

So I wrote my prayers –  I went upstairs and found my coloured pens yesterday, so I can get back into writing my cares & prayers each day. I haven’t unpacked the pens since we moved here – 8 weeks ago.   Among my worries I write true declarations of Who God Is and What He Does. I also put on some praise & worship songs on Youtube on the TV. These help me remember lots of good things about God. I especially enjoyed Smile by Kirk Franklin and How Great Thou Art, and  Are You Washed In The Blood sung by Alan Jackson.

if you must know my troubles!

Then I read today’s random bit of bible from my NIV Once-a-day Bible (because I am not currently in an organised Bible Study) and I expect the Living God to speak to me personally, through His Word. And He does.

Yesterday I skipped the ole testament portion as it seemed so dry. But today it was Isaiah 51:17 – 54:17 and it was Exactly what I needed to hear. There were lots of bits I recognise from Hymns – I always get the song up on youtube and enjoy the moment!

By the time I’m done Listening to Him, I am full of His truth & ready to greet the world. I don’t even remember the things I had written earlier. The anxiety is removed. His Perfect Love casts out my fears.

All my problems didn’t magically go away, you’ll notice. But I am not weighed down by the burden of them. That Is The Promise He Made:


Seeking Jesus Philippians 4 peace GF

That peace is real.


It can be yours in the midst of your struggles.


And now I shall go about my day with a Light Heart. Excellent, huh?


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