#73 Good Grace Dining Room

Hi this is me, cycling home from the supermarket, making the most of the late September sun!


Thursday morning I went to Vrouwencontact, the ladies meeting. It was much livelier this time, with 15 ladies, more laughter etc. I understood a lot more, and still didn’t take part in the discussion, as i really only get the general gist of things. But i will join the discussion next time. Then shops & home for a bit of a rest before the boys come home. I find listening hard to the dutch talk, physically & mentally hard work! I am usually exhausted after church & meetings.

I had a nice phone call with my home ed pal from UK, then the boys & I ventured out to church to their once monthly Goed Genade Eetkamer – Good Grace Dining Room, or perhaps Canteen. It’s free! Wahoo, you know I love a free meal! at 6pm we sat with about 60ish people. Here’s a pic off their fb page.


There were way more tables than that tho. We were squeezed onto a table with 4 older ladies and a Bulgarian man, who spoke all about Tolkein, Ivanhoe, Phil Collins & Hyacinth Bucket/Bouquet! quite a literary bloke. That was a nice surprise. We had soup, then a bit of bible about the end times. Then quite a range of hot foods, then 3 questions to be discussed, then cake & coffees. I had a fabulous time of course. my boys ate & went. I saw a few people from the tuesday morning “Love to share” including JM who has set me a whole page of homework!


-whether I like it or not!! (JM is in red turning to face the camera in the pic).

After, Rens the pastor came & sat with me & the Bulgarian over coffee & we had a interesting talk about the church, and the spiritual baggage I’ve brought with me! Also I told him I have a problem with them sitting down for most of the hymns, and he said, Get over it!

So I am full, literally with food but also very satisfied with lots of friendly chatter. Praise God for His Good Gifts, huh!



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