#74 A quiet week

Hello. Friday, after the boys left for school, I went round to church. On Friday they sort through the donations & set out the “Love to share” clothing ‘shop’. I was happy to join in that activity. Everything was said totally in Dutch and I was pretty happy with the communication today. After a couple of hours we 5 ladies & a toddler, had a coffee & a bit of plain madeira cake, which here is called “Cake”.   Then I got the bus to Hoofddorp to get the boys some things they need for school camp on Monday.   I watched a bit of this Meryl Streep Rock/relationships film Called “Ricki and the Flash”. Then we ordered a burger delivery from Family, and Fred cycled off to the church age 12-14 club called Impuls. it’s 8-10.15pm. that’s a bit late for age 12 innit!


pics off their fb page.


Fred seemed to enjoy the teen club. He hasn’t divulged much yet except there were 6 girls, 3 boys, and popcorn. He was happy enough though.

I haven’t done much else except crochet, which has been very nice! With Lee & the girls gone, we have been satisfied with nothing more than chicken schnitzels and beans on toast, or “white beans in tomato sauce upon toasted bread” as it’s known here.


I didn’t sleep very well this week. So a nice coffee, biccies ‘n’ crochet was in order.


‘Preparing for Camp’ has been looming over us this week. And the thought of having to be ON the bus for 5am Monday has been a bit draining. I have also been working on the absolute mountain of washing that is produced here. It’s almost gone now!

I actually slept in this morning til 9am and chose not to rush for church. Instead I had a nice quiet sunny Sunday morning listening to some Jamie Ivey “The Happy Hour” podcasts. They are very friendly, chatty, informative and fun.

Based on Persian Tiles pattern by Janie Crow.
we 3 cycled to McDonald’s for lunch.


And now the packing is in earnest. The school Hardly Ever sends a paper letter home, which is fabulous. So the packing list was on a website. Easy to get on our mobile phones & take a picture of so we couldn’t lose it.




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