#75 some quiet & housework

Yes. so alarms went off at 4, and we were cycling to the bus station at 4.45am, Jojo & I dragging the cabin cases as per the dutch way. Cycling : Criterium Naaldwijk 2010

Nothing untoward happened, and we met a huge crowd of pupils & teachers at Amstelstation at 6.20.  I introduced myself to Fred’s USA classmate’s mum and we chatted. Then home by 9 and I had a cuppa & biscuit before going to bed for a couple of hours. … I have been tackling Mount Washmore while Lee & the girls were away, nearly got it!

what’s the betting this pic gets selected for the header!

Usually these are both full and buried ‘neath a pile of soggy grossness.

So that meant a huge pile of clean washing has been growing on Lee’s side the bed all week! It’s all put away now. And while I put it away I discovered these undie drawers! we’ve been here 8 weeks and I never thought to open these drawers before!

And I thought I’d try to sweep the whole living /dining area. It’s huge, which meant it was actually quite a lot of work. (I can’t remember where I put the hoover bags) and while I was getting out the sofas to sweep under, I thought i’d muck about a bit.


this is a kind of normal layout here but i’ve blocked the back door a bit, and we use it 99% of the time so no good. I have actually emailed the local 2nd hand shop asking them to take away our UK brown sofas as we don’t need them any more.

I settled on this:


There’s a balance to be found between my hoarding/victorian obsession with filling every space with a rainbowy trinket and Lee’s minimalist, empty/perfectly parallel requirements! Presumably!

The fact is this is a lovely big light & airy room, and the other week I was thinking, It looks really small and crowded. What a waste of airy-ness ( and money, if you think about it.) So what can I do to bring back that big airy feel?

I have enjoyed today, although it has been deathly quiet, I’ve got a lot done (answer to my prayers thanks Jesus!) and I have had “Diane in Denmark” for company. Now I’ve ordered a veggie spaghetti to be delivered so cheers!





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