#76 a bit of shopping

Tuesday after a coffee at “Love to share”, I decided to get on the bus outside our house, to Alphen aan de Rijn. I had been checking on google maps, and there is a christian bookshop and a crochet shop on the same street. Bingo!

It was an hour through pleasantly dull countryside, passing through villages such as De Kwakel, Nieuwveen,  Zevenhoven and Nieuwkoop. Look at this lovely October sunshine!

I found the Christian Bookshop straight away, and walked on to Echt studio, I didn’t take any pics but here’s some.

It’s gorgeous & colourful with lots of teaching space and fun displays but it was a bit rubbish being there on my own, without a crochet buddy! I got this Scheepjes Whirl.


Then to the bookshop and I really want a gorgeous new bible out called She Reads Truth:

But the Dutch versions are a bit less decorative! And I needed a basic language bible. They had a few, this was the least ugly! Its’ “in plain language”. And I also got this songbook, Opwekking is similar to Mission England Praise and they use a lot of these songs at ECG church.

I ordered my grocery delivery last week, to arrive Wednesday morning, since Lee & the girls were arriving Tuesday night. For a bit of fun, I decided to order all the basic products ( I have already stopped shopping at Albert Heijn as it’s not cheap.)

Also here’s a clean “Hotspot” = a place that’s always getting random stuff placed on it. It took about 6 minutes to put everything away and then clean it. Hoorah!

And finally, Lee & the girls arrived safe from UK, and I got quite a haul of yummy chocs that aren’t available in NL! I’m especially thrilled with the strawb & orange creams. Thanks!


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