#77 Kringloopwinkels

Lola & I had a nice trip to Ikea the other evening and just had our tea then bought some candles and looked at all the new room settings. Very dark & moody decor in there this season! Lola told me how she’d been much more energised and like her old self when she was in Liverpool. She really is City Folk! I think we all are. I am praying about moving closer to the city this summer – the beauty of renting, I have been looking forward to being free to try out different types of home & different areas. I’m having a blast here with 100% access to the countryside, but I’m aware that everything is temporary . We could save a lot of time & money on public transport if we lived a bit closer to Amsterdam. So I am thinking and praying about our next home already(!) but not worrying.

The boys had a good time at school camp. I haven’t heard much, but there was lots of cycling and wind, no rain.

Yesterday Ruby & I cycled 10km to the small village of Wilnis to look at this christian bookshop there. There was a lot of wind and gusts into our backs positively pushed us along the cycle path!

As there’s no hills or buildings to shelter from the wind, it gets very powerful out here. At times Ruby preferred to walk. I have a good heavy “transportfiets” bike, they are heavy on purpose to withstand the wind.But we had to take shelter whenever we found it. At times it felt like the wind was stealing the very breath from our mouths!

We had an uitsmiter (3 fried eggs on bread) in Mijdrecht to energise us for the rest of the cycle home. It was jolly slow going into the wind. But we stayed dry & enjoyed sunshine.

Saturday – and perhaps inevitably the thoughts about our future home did turn into anxiety, but it’s gone now!

Lee & I cycled through the rain, 6km up Norddammerweg to the “Boemerang” Kringloop: 2nd hand shop in Amstelveen. As it was advertised as National Secondhand Shop Day!


It was more full than usual and had local artisan stalls, free coffee & appletart with cream.

Which we indulged in! And spent £4.20 on some puzzles. Then round the corner to the related clothes shop, and people were trying on antique wedding dresses etc!

Then cycled home in absolute downpour.

Someone putting together a little wooden house puzzle/toy. And in Jumbo they have this Uithoorn Monopoly! I might have to get it. It’s such a small town/village of apparently 24000 people (twice Speke) that I was surprised to see this.

After that the girls & I nipped to Ceres, the 2nd hand shop in Uithoorn and got a skirt, jumper & another puzzle for £9.20!


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