#78 Sunday

I went to church on my own, as usual, with mixed feelings as obviously I’d like my kids to come but also it’s really nice going by myself! We sang the kids song “My God is so big” with actions. it had 2 additional verses!

I sat by Astrid, who was telling me about a lovely day about Israel that she’d been on.  and then afterwards I managed to have a Dutch chat in the coffee room with Henny, an older lady I know from Vrouwencontact. That was really nice. Henny said some of her children go to Crossroads International church in Amstelveen, and it made me think about trying it out.

Later Lola & I cycled to Aalsmeer, and ended up having a bit of chinese food there. Lola’s was served inside a pineapple!


Also here’s the school pic from Terschelling camp.


I’ve got a sore throat from using my inhaler properly! I was warned.

This morning I took Fred to the hospital rather early for a x-ray and to get the cast off. There are 2 small fractures, the more significant one is along a growth plate, so he has another 2 weeks with his bright new cast & that should be it. He doesn’t need a sling any more, that should help with cycling.  He says the wobbly cycling is the worst part. He has never asked for a painkiller since that Tuesday 2 weeks ago.

Then I went back to bed, thankfully I don’t do much on Mondays.





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