#79 team for dinner

Oh hello. It’s nearly midnight & I’m gonna struggle to remember anything we’ve done this week. Oh yeah Ruby had the dentist on Wednesday, after which we went on a little fact-finding tour in Amstelveen and also the deep, deep south-east of Amsterdam, a social housing estate called Gasperdam. We got off at Reigersbos  and saw a very loud colourful market full of people of all nations & loads of interesting smells & fruit we didn’t recognise! That was fun for a visit but I can’t imagine living there.

On Thursday I went to Vrouwencontact and we did an open doors thing called Women to Women, we were given some ladies to pray about and then we all wrote a little note which would be passed on to a specific lady.

Then Lola & I cycled up to Amstelveen to see our lovely K. She is so fun and such a blessing! In the evening I had the visuals of a migrane without the headache, whatever you call that. It wasn’t too bad as I just went to bed.

Friday! we got the ingredients in and made chili, a veg chili, mini roast potatoes, salad and some beers as 6 people from Lee’s work team came to dinner. We had all candles & lamps, the girls & I had spent the day tidying & cleaning.  It went very well and was very fun. They were here from about 7 til 11, some had to get home as far as Hilversum and Rotterdam. I had met all but 2 of them before, during that weekend we came over in May.


not actual footage! but it was pretty and gezellig.

They are from Sweden, Canada, France, 2 from Germany, and 1 Dutch. I managed to have a bit of a chat with almost all of them. One had brought me a trad German housewarming gift of bread & salt. Some brought beers & wine. It is a very long time since Lee & I ‘catered’ such a thing, but it was super. It’s so easy in such a spacious place which has been designed for such activities. Lovely.

Also Fred went to his Teen club at church again. Go him!




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