#80 Sunny days out

On Saturday Lee and I cycled all the way to Amsterdam! *technically. literally only just.

We saw so many lovely and interesting things! Starting with a woodpecker not far from our house. Also a bird of prey came close in the forest and we cycled within about 4 feet of an unperturbed heron!

We went up Legmeerdijk & through Bovenkerk, which is a pretty village adjoining Amstelveen,

Into the Amsterdamse Bos, (Forest) past ‘De Poel’ (The Pool) and over the Border of Amstelveen/Amsterdam. There we parked our bikes and went for chips in chippy, “De Frietfabriek” The chips factory, where I was thrilled to see Brown vinegar! It’s been 4 months, people! I enjoyed my chips with salt and vinegar. Mmm.  It was a 12km cycle each way.

Literally upon crossing the border into Amsterdam we saw 1)an embarrassing loud Brit, 2)cars driving straight across the ‘green man’ at a crossing and 3)big gluts of cyclists waiting at the lights. That’s the city! We haven’t been for ages, I tend to remember the noise & crowds, but I’d forgotten how there’s something interesting or pretty around every corner too.

We got the bus into the city, but there was a diversion due to a marathon. we were basically headed  West to this ethnic food shop to get some Sumac, and Lee enjoys pottering in such shops anyway. He found what he wanted, and we got some Iranian sweets that look like diamonds, and crystallised strawbs & kiwis – yum!

In the evening we lit all the candles & had a bit of wine and our fruity sweets, & we all watched ‘Dr Strange’.

Sunday, Ruby and Jojo came with me to try out Crossroads International Church, not too far away in Amstelveen. It has services at 10 and 12, so obviously we went at 12. We got the bus up, it’s only 7km away. It was in the sports hall of a college. There was quite a good sound & light system, one of the teens remarked that it was a bit like Word Alive. I liked the worship music though I only knew 2 of the songs, and the kids didn’t recognise any. They had 7 baptisms, so that was the service rather than a sermon. It was all in english. I quite liked it, I would be happy to go again if it helps the kids to come to church, as they have barely bothered since we changed from Waterland.


Then walked in the sun to Stadshart shopping centre for a McDonalds and a little look in the shops as my handbag has finally bitten the dust today. It has been another beautiful, warm sunny day today!


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