#81 things ‘n’ stuff

Monday, Lola and I took 4 bags to the 2nd hand shop, and arranged for the 2 brown sofas (from UK) to be taken away, Hurrah! on Nov 1st.

On Tuesday morning, my two girls came to Love To Share and said hello to the regulars, had a coffee and then they spent an hour looking through the clothes while I had a good chat. They got a top, two jeans and a backpack, so it was quite sucessful. I was glad to see them out mixing with humans. Dutch humans, at that!

This morning Ruby and I cycled to Aalsmeer to look at this road I haven’t explored yet (see picture)


The red line. we cycled down here looking at the pretty and fancy homes, and then took the little ferry across for £1.20 each with our bikes. It took all of 30 seconds to ferry across.


Then we got a drink & cake in Rijsenhout and found a public picnic table.

It was sunny & a bit breezy.

Here’s some block stitch crochet i’m doing in 4ply and some boys doing their homework. One poor lad went to bed in tears last night as his lack of organizing skills led to aggro. I have got him following a Morning Routine these days which is making mornings a bit less stressful . Now I need to put an Evening routine in place too.


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