#83 The Body, het lichaam van Christus

SBC, Crossroads, ECG Uithoorn, BSF, Waterland, Gateway! Churches galore!

So Ruby and I went to Crossroads International Church in Amstelveen again yesterday-   the 2nd time. Actually she had expressed an interest in coming to ECG -the Dutch church in Uithoorn with me for the first time, but didn’t manage to get up in time…so Crossroads has a 12 noon service.

They began with some worship songs. I was free to express my gratitude and joy to the Lord. I appreciated seeing a joyful middle aged woman leading the worship (it was all young ones last week). There were 5 babies & little ones dedicated. They said, really it’s the parents who are dedicating themselves to raising the children in the Lord. Each family had a special verse that I found very encouraging.

And then a very helpful short sermon on Mary & Martha from  Luke 10, obviously we have all heard this preached on a million times, but I heard some insights which gave me a lot to reflect on and spoke to me personally about some things I have been thinking about this week . Later Ruby & I had a good discussion about church and wisdom and commitment.


I still find myself thinking/troubling about SBC, probably once a week, which is way less than it used to be, and I had been praying to be able to lay it to rest. Also it becomes relevant as I head to UK next month and visit my lovely wonderful friend who still attends there. The Martha & Mary situation shone a new and different light on it all for me. Martha took her complaint to Jesus with such assurance that she was in the right.

Also it reminded me of our recommitment in BSF last year to follow Jesus, not just a cliche – but what it meant for each of us. … for me personally, to follow Him into a quiet garden to pray and listen to God, and be blessed and made stronger in His presence. Well, He has certainly provided the garden ! My wonderful home on the Edge of Uithoorn, and on the edge of the Groene Hart, the Green Heart of the Netherlands, is certainly proving that quiet place where lots of prayer, healing and strengthening is happening. Thank You God!


But even with this drastically different, much slower & less cluttered life I am often distracted with all my duties & chores and must purpose to be quiet with Him.

I am very happy with ECG Uithoorn, I am benefiting from their weekday ministries, learning dutch, and keeping me from being too lonely. But as the kids don’t attend there, I will happily move on to Crossroads if it means the kids want to come. You cannot compare the two churches, they are totally different animals.

It did occur to me that me & the kids are in fact a church, a part of the Body of Christ.   oo-er, I don’t think we look like it!

So, after what seems like a lifetime of being very committed to a church for 10 years and the previous one for 7, I am in a new unlooked-for phase, having been in 3 churches in the last 4 months, and I am learning to not see this as a negative thing, but an opportunity for experience that I would not previously have allowed myself. Change!

Thankfully the Lord has showed Himself extremely unchanging & faithful during this time, though I must say He is not predictable!

What an adventure!






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