#84 The cast is off!

It seems like ages since I wrote, that’s because someone keeps the laptop up in her bedroom on the top floor & I can never be bothered to go up there and get it! I do go up & down those stairs a few times a day but always with arms full of washing!

This week we had a few medical appointments. Monday Fred got his cast off, had some more x-rays, and he was given a prescription for physiotherapy. The nurse said, very important, phone your health insurance company first and find out how many free sessions he is entitled to in your policy! Urgh! But thankfully it was 9. That should be plenty.

There was this whole display  cupboard full of jewish stuff in the hospital.

I had an asthma appointment. I have been using my spacer religiously, and Trudy was a bit disappointed that my lung capacity hadn’t improved at all . so I am going to have another inhaler on top of fluticasone. After that my lovely Ms K & her son, age 12, came for lunch. As soon as they got here, Fred fell over, landed on his freshly cast-free elbow and cut his neck on the glass coffee table! K drove us literally across the road to the Dr, who saw him straight away. He was fine. she cleaned the neck up – it’s really just a scratch. the excitement! So we had a bit of lunch and then Lola and K came to the 2nd hand shop in Uithoorn. K said it’s a lot cheaper than the Amstelveen one. Her boy played happily with Fred on the PS4. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the first child who has been in our house for five months. Such a strange different life we have!

K brought me these lovely flowers.

Thursday Me & 3 kids went to the dentist. We are going to have a horrible shock when the bill comes! Lee & I had not quite imagined what it would mean to have a £375 payable excess per person on the health insurance. (This is standard). Thankfully due to my asthma, I have almost reached £375 already, so I can go crazy & visit the doctor as much as I like for the rest of the year!!

That’s the kid dedication thing from Sunday. Also we see a lot of rainbows. We don’t watch much TV, but after enjoying “Better Call Saul”, we tried “Breaking Bad”. We gave it a good try of 2 episodes. It was quite a good story but some of it was too gross so we decided against.

I used one of these packs today. It’s just a box with the herb mix inside and a recipe on the back. I made it into a fabulous breakfast quesadilla! Also I came to the end of this ball of Katja Stella yarn. it has made a really warm, yet light fabric that I love. So today I’ve got some more of the same.

Thursday night I took the 4 teenangels to the “Good Grace Canteen”/ Goede Genade Eetkamer at ECG Church Uithoorn. It was thai curry style dinner. The girls & Jojo sat on a table with EH, who Lola has at least met previously, and I sat with Fred on a table with a big group of older single ladies, all neighbours from the big flats on the edge of Uithoorn. The lady next to me goes to Liverpool every winter, gets on the train to Southport to the Scarisbrick hotel! She told me all about it & is a big fan of visiting Britain, she’s been all over. One of the ladies on my table is getting baptised in a couple of weeks, lots of her friends/neighbours weren’t christians, so it was a loud, interesting, friendly mix. I really enjoyed it. Some of my kids appeared to enjoy the food, I don’t think they mixed much.

Today Lola & I cycled to Amstelhoek for a little look around, it’s very pretty. We bought £1 raincoats in Kruidvat as we were inappropriately coated. They are the very thin seethru  plastic like binbags with a hood & arms!  They did the job.

I have enjoyed the lie-ins of this half term week! I’ve been watching a netflix/hallmark “Family drama series” called Chesapeake Shores. It’s very mild & calm with lots of shots of windy beaches.



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