#86 curry sunday

Ruby was intending to come to Crossroads international church with me today, especially as it was a curry lunch afterwards, provided by their large Indian community.  But she didn’t get up, so I went on my own. Before I set off, I registered online for their homegroup & ladies group. It’s quite luxurious, having church start at 12. You really can take your time getting up & even fit in some housework first!

some adorable Indian girls dancing!

I had a wonderful time in the worship, God reminded me of His amazing power and love, I was quite overcome. I was energised with His living water as I haven’t been in quite a while! There was a sermon about engaging with the world.

Then after, I went to the welcome desk & introduced myself. The church has almost 50 small homegroups, and one is in Uithoorn, Wahoo!! !!  There is a family who live by our bus station. I’m quite excited about this development. So then i went and got my indian food, which was delicious by the way, and met Ron & Pinky, who used to go to Waterland when we were there. So I ate with them which was lovely.





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