#88 Relentless Exploration!!


I have borrowed a few of mum’s pics for this post.

We have had a week of relentless exploration and enjoyment!! I was expecting we’d do a day trip every other day or so, with resting between. But that certainly hasn’t happened! Even on Saturday while I was out with Lee, mum upped & went to Hoofddorp with Lola. She hasn’t stopped!! On Sunday mum came to Crossroads Intl Church with me & then we had lunch in Le Pain Quotidien in Stadshart.

Monday we planned to go to Bijlmermeer for some cheap shopping. The 2 girls came, and we ended up having a walk around pretty Ouderkerk Aan De Amstel, had lunch there in a pub. Mum really enjoyed her borrelhapjes of Kaas tengels (cheese fingers, deep fried in filo pastry), and kaas souffles, which are just mini deepfried “Findus cheesy pancakes”.  Then we went to the Portuguese Jewish graveyard. It’s about 10 hectares, and it was raining. so we didn’t look at all of it, but it was lovely & interesting.


We did end up in Bijlmer just as things were closing at 5pm, so we had a dessert & then went home!  Later Lola cut Grandma’s hair.

Lee is in Belgrade for his longest trip so far, over a week. He will get a good window into the culture, having so many evenings with the Serbians.

I’ve found these 2 – the only pics I took with my brother in.

Mum & Bro at Westeinder Paviljoen
and in a traditional Dutch bistro


On Tuesday morning I cycled Fred’s bike up to Brink, up the Bovenkerkerpolder. It’s about 6km, in the frost, and I was wearing my (long) shorts!

Because I am swapping Fred’s new (2nd hand) bike, which is in Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam,  for his old, less efficient bike, which is in Uithoorn. So I cycled to Brink, Got the bike on the metro to Rai, and cycled the ‘mean streets of the city’ to Fred’s school. (it’s just 2 streets & the busy one had a full-on cycle path! totally safe & easy.)

Later we went to the Ceres 2ndhandshop in Uithoorn, followed by the Boemerang ones in Amstelveen, and had an Oliebol. “oily ball” – a kind of doughnut.

On Wednesday We trekked (!) to Foodhallen in Kinkerstraat, NW Amsterdam, to meet my cousin ‘G’ who happened to be in town. We had a fun lunch with her in Anne & Max. After we showed mum the houseboat we’d stayed in in May, and then nipped to Gelderlandplein to view the Jewish gift shop. unfortunately it was closed, so we went to LPQ for a real chocolate eclair, and then they went home, and I got on Fred’s other bike at Vu/Amstelveenseweg. I was intending to bring it on the metro to Poortwachter and then cycle home. But it was rush hour, the metro was utterly packed. so I thought I’d just cycle south a bit and leave it at any bus stop on the home route and collect another day. It’s fab having the freedom to do that! Cos there are bike stands at every bus stop & more.

It was a bit exciting cycling through South Amsterdam in the dark, in rush hour, but still so much safer than in any other city I can imagine! I really enjoy cycling, so I ended up cycling all the way home, which is 13.5km.

So Today I have had a lie-in (after getting the boys off to school) and I’ve done 3 loads of washing and 3 dishwashers-full, as things were getting a bit behind! And we are enjoying some worship songs on Youtube in English & Dutch.
We are having an amazing adventure/holiday, and mum is loving it here!

What will the afternoon hold?!




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