#89 Haarlem & housegroup

Hello, yesterday I woke up with quite a bad headache & nausea and I wanted to rest. I gave mum some travel instructions, I thought she could go to the Delft shop & flowermarket in Amsterdam with Lola. But in the end, mum, Lola & I went to Haarlem. I hadn’t managed to book us on a tour of Corrie Ten Boom’s house, so we just went and looked at the outside! We also went in this excellent stylish vintage shop, Stijlloods (style warehouse?) and mum got a hat and Lola got a “fur” jacket, both very glamorous & reasonably priced.


We had lunch in the Anne & Max, and walked about a bit, but it was quite windy & rainy & cold, so didn’t see as much of Haarlem as usual. Mum has really been giving her Dutch a go! She has spoken to quite a few people & they are usually quite surprised and touched. Go mum!


We also went in a couple of big 2nd hand shops that are opposite each other. Full of fascinating odd objects!

In the evening Fred went to the teen club at ECG Uithoorn Church, there was food & a movie. He had the food & then came home as the movie was in Dutch! (and he’s already seen it in english!)

I went to the housegroup (it’s called Life Group) of XRDS (Crossroads) international church. The group is for Uithoorn/this end of Amstelveen people. It moves between the homes, and this week was in a flat in Amstelveen.


There are many such blocks of flats in Amstelveen & I was excited to go in and see the inside of one, as well as excited to go and chat somewhere the main language is English! It was very neat and much more spacious than i imagined.

The 8 participants present were 3 from Brasil, 2 Singapore, 1 USA and 2 Dutch.  We sang 2 worship songs by Casting crowns along to Youtube & then did some bible study relating to the sermon from Sunday. We prayed for each other. It was interesting, friendly and fun & helpful. I particularly enjoyed chatting with a Brazilian lady, & then a Dutch lady gave me a lift home. it was 10.45pm when i got in. Quite a day!

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