#90 Mijdrecht & dutch church

Hullo. On saturday mum & I went to Mijdrecht, a small village not too far from here.

There isn’t much to see there, but we enjoyed the craft shop, Hobby Dee.

Image result for hobbydee mijdrecht

The lady in there was from South Africa, so we talked about some crochet shawl patterns.

Decopatch papiertjes

So we got a few nice things. We had a coffee in Rendezvous, looked at some shops and had lunch in La Farola. We did all our lunch dealings in Dutch, we did quite well.

Today Mum came to ECG Uithoorn, the local evangelical church, to experience a Dutch service. We were blessed with a good’un! It was a baptismal service, 7 people were getting dunked. There was a lot more songs & general joyfulness going on! It was precious, especially when a boy of 16 who’s getting baptised, played the piano and sang Forever by Kari Jobe, in English. I cried! I love that song. The people were wearing white gowns which reminded me of the ol’ methodist church. Also ECG has got a family feel very like the methodist church. So mum got to meet a couple of the people there who’ve been lovely to me, and one gave us a lift home.

one of the 2 cute buildings in Mijdrecht


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