#92 my first trip to UK

Mum & I also walked down Boterdijk into De Kwakel. It’s very pretty. It was sunny and we walked into the village centre. This is the way I cycled with my brother last week. As soon as we got into the bus shelter there was a downpour!

in Breukelen

On Tuesday teatime we were flying to Birmingham. But we were both up & ready around 8am! I put on a Dutch Film, “Soof” to occupy us and near the end there was a road scene featuring the Buurtbus number 526. “I know that bus!” it goes from Uithoorn Busstation to Breukelen. So we took that as a sign and went!  Breukelen (Most likely the original of Brooklyn, and also the birthplace of Rutger Hauer, Factfans!) is a charming village between here & Utrecht. Mum was using her Dutch and had chats with an old man in a 2nd handshop & the girl in the lovely cafe where mum tried rijstevlaai. (rice pudding flan). we had a lovely outing and made it back in plenty of time to get ready for flight.


We had a delightfully uneventful flight with Flybe in a quite small plane of approx 100 passenger capacity.  I enjoyed being in a smaller crowd at the gate. Also, going through Security at Schiphol airport is a very civilised affair in comparison to Liverpool!  We got a train from Birmingham to Stafford. I enjoyed 4 nights in Stafford with my parents & my sister came one day, we had a lovely meal out together in Frankie & Bennys.

I managed to eat lunch in the Soup Kitchen 3 out of 3 days! And also we went to see Kenny Branagh’s Murder in the Orient Express, which was mediocre. But I just enjoy being at the cinema.

ON saturday I got a train to Liverpool. I got first class as it’s only a little extra, and I have never got 1st class before.  even though that particular train doesn’t actually have the first class facilities – just a bit of carriage. I was glad as it was a matchday and the standard class train was heaving with fans, drinking.  Shudder. Happy to avoid.

In Liverpool I stayed with my lovely ex-next-door-neighbours for 3 nights, they thoroughly spoiled me with home cooking & such. I also saw a few select friends, I tried to socialise in moderation. I went to Gateway church on the sunday & got a lovely warm welcome, then later popped into Grace church Halewood with Cathy and was surprised to see some old friends, who go there now. It was lovely.

The friends were fab but I hated being in Speke. It was like returning to a horrible dream, to the scene of a crime! I found it quite disturbing at first but I was able to deal with it. It has been just a week under 6 months since we left.

So now I’m at Home, sweet home! I was absolutely thrilled to land in the Netherlands, where I belong! While I was away, 2 people’s bus passes stopped working and someone broke a key in their bike lock, rendering the bike useless. So I have plenty  to sort out!








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