#93 a 20km cycle

First morning back. got Fred off to school and then there were a million things to do. Already feeling a bit bothered by it all, I went for my Bible & prayed. Going back to Speke highlighted what an amazing new life I’ve got here. I don’t want to waste a minute of this by moping about!

Then i got a spontaneous invite to coffee at 10am by a lady I haven’t met, from the Uithoorn housegroup of XRDS church, so off i sped, about 5 mins away on me bike. We had a lovely chat and she prayed for me & all the family.

Meanwhile Lola had her Dr appointment, and they have arranged some college/work encouragement of some nature for her.


Lola and i went by public transport to Rijnstraat near Presidentkennedylaan, where I had got Fred’s bike and we bought 2 more 2nd-hand bikes. We now have a full set! We chose to cycle the whole way home. First down this side of the Amstel, where we saw houseboats, kayaking and beautiful views! then after cycling through Ouderkerk, we came into Amstelveen to buy a drink & pastry, and then followed Beneluxbaan & the N521 home. It was 20km, very fun & a bit hard on the backside. They are both plain black, omafiets with no gears, pedal-backwards-to-brake. It’s a smooth ride once you get used to the lack of hand brakes. They are very typical Amsterdam bikes, blend into the crowd.

So not exactly the day I’d planned, but very fun!



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