#94 dentist & Libellebos

While I was away, all the garden of our building got cut & tidied, now it looks quite shaven & shorn! And I was surprised to see how much water there actually is outside our front door. (The pond is down at the East end of the house)



Ruby & I wanted a cycle this morning, but it was rather windy. We just went up Hollandse Dijk towards the river, and then through a small woods (Het Libellebos –  Dragonfly woods) that we’ve never been in before, soon leading us to Stationstraat & the Amstel. Then we had a sandwich & cake in Esplanade Ijssalon, looking out at the grey, choppy river. It had a bit of low sun shining on it and I felt glad to have this beautiful place, even when it’s rather cold, bare and grey. There are still colourful displays outside every flower shop, and loads of violet and yellow potted pansies around the bin-shelter of the restaurant “Hertog Jan Op Het Water”/ Duke Jan on the Water. I couldn’t resist this colourful berry wreath at Euro 5,50!


I went to the dentist this afternoon, I needed a filling, and while she was in there, she replaced 2 of my old dark metal fillings with white ones. At the beginning she asked if I wanted anaesthetic. I thought back to that awful day with the multiple injections and said no. I went through the whole process just saying to myself, “This is okay. this is okay.” and when it was done, I felt so proud of myself.  Then she said the words, “Well the bottom one is done, now I have to do the top one!” NOOOO! so I got the needle for that one.



This last one is out of my bedroom window. The garage & laminate floor warehouse opposite are usually completely obscured by foliage and we like to pretend they’re not there! Also the ditch-water is a lot wider than I thought –  it looks like just a ditch full of long grass & reeds usually.  (my civil engineer pal in UK says I can call the ditch a Swale, that sounds nicer)



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