#97. 6 months here – really!?

Hello, on Monday 27th Nov we have been here 6 months. Really!

I would love to write a 1000-word witty, stirring, coherent summary of the 6-month’s experience, which I would also submit to Dutchreview.com for publishing. But instead here’s some pictures of a little celebration dinner we had last night.

I had ordered this fabulous cake from the Esplanade Ice cream parlour, it’s made of 3 flavours of ice cream with edible pearls, silver balls & such! and I made 2 different chicken curries & a veggie one. Rice and chips is how I like to accompany curry as they don’t have naan here in a normal supermarket.

We decorated a bit and had lots of treats. We did a toast and answered some questions from  a board game I’d bought half-price called “Ik hou van Holland”. We put party music on and it was fun.

We really are celebrating being here 6 months, even though it hasn’t all been ‘that holiday feeling’, and one person didn’t even want to move here really. We have been through lots of changes and uncomfortable personal growth spurts!

We are so blessed and priveleged to be living a completely different life than the one we left behind. I daily remember our prayers in Speke for “A bigger, nicer house, somewhere nice” and I thank God for answering us so personally and lavishly!

A heron chilling on a streetlight by our bus stop.

After 6 months of flailing about trying to make our boat float (trying to get into school, work, college, get properly registered for things etc) I am looking confidently towards the next 6 months. I have got into some good habits for housework and I have become used to a much slower, quieter life. This is leading to better health for me. Surely I can only become more effective in looking after my family and doing whatever else the Lord has planned for me.


I needed to be reminded of this today!


Happy New Life!



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