#100 a little progress & snow

Today R had an appointment with the youth coach. She pointed us towards the official agency which will assess R for work, and hopefully allocate her a helper to get her started in work. We are all of the opinion that work will be a better choice than college for R at the moment. The assessment is for disability benefits also. So we may make some progress!

Also I had a chat with Fred’s mentor at Denise today, and cleared up some miscommunication about his progress too. I think he had decided he’d failed at Denise and they were going to “chuck him out” back to Mundus College! , especially over his trouble communicating with the maths teacher – Fred is good at maths but the teacher doesn’t speak English and it’s difficult. F is not the only one encountering this difficulty. The mentor had some suggestions as what they could do to help him. Anyway they stated that they are absolutely keeping him at Denise because academically he is doing very well. Now I have got to find his diagnosis letter to show them on Monday so he can get all the help.

Progress is so slow! my struggles with planning, timekeeping, organisation etc have not gone away just because we moved countries! They are only exacerbated not even by the language, but because I don’t know which questions to ask, I don’t even know what there is, to ask for! I am going to ask V, a native, to look through some paperwork with me & point me in the right direction.


These bears move & rotate at Amstelplein shopping centre!

We had some snow & hail/snow this morning.


The gardener blokes have removed loads of underbrush & cut loads of trees, now we have a very good view of the garden opposite! In summer I didn’t even know it was there.


It took going up in a plane a couple of years ago, on a very cloudy day,  for me to realise that even on the darkest, greyest rainy day, when the sunshine is totally obscured from us by thick cloud – the sun is actually blazing brilliantly throughout!

Now when we are covered in grey clouds, I have to use my imagination to believe that the bright, blinding, hot sun is up there still.

This isn’t a homily, it’s science I suppose!


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