#101 in-laws visit

My lovely Jones in-laws came yesterday. They had very sensibly booked into a hotel in Amsterdam, so they’ve been to the Van Gogh museum, then Saturday they came to our house. It’s very cold, dark & rainy so we just chatted, we had a lot to catch up on!   Then in the afternoon it cleared up a bit and we went down to Uithoorn old village (at the river) and had a late lunch in the Esplanade ijssalon, then walked along to Meerwijk and got the bus back.



On Sunday L, R & F came to church with me.

It was the first day of the new bus routes & timetables. We had been warned, but it was pretty confusing – all the turquoise Arriva 170, 174, 142 are now replaced by a red RNET  347. It was very lightly snowing before church, , but when we came out it was full on. I bought tickets for the church christmas party in Amsterdam at 6pm. We went to McDonalds for lunch, then hung out in Stadshart rather than waste time & money travelling back to Uithoorn in the snow. In church, Paul had mentioned that NL is on Code Orange, which means don’t travel unnecessarily, but we were already out! So we had a nice time in the Amstelveen Library. It’s really well designed with a Waterstones-type bookshop & cafe downstairs, and a free coffee machine upstairs and loads of different themed seating/studying areas, like a sitting room and 50’s diner themed booths!

We went to the bus stop at 5pm to go towards town… and waited for over an hour. Very cold, but at least inside a big bus station so we were dry. After many buses simply not appearing, I noticed also that not many buses to Uithoorn had passed through, so we decided to get whatever came. We barged onto the Uithoorn bus with about 300 other people, it was very squished, no need to hold onto anything! I was pressed up against the front windscreen which is actually pretty fun. So we missed the party, but I was just relieved to get home at all!

This morning I looked on all the recommended websites & travel ones to discover if the boys should be going to school. I couldn’t find anything useful. So I cycled down the bus station with the boys at 7am to see if a bus was going. It was so they went.

Then I got back  and hid inside getting warm & cosy! (gezellig!)


I made some banana muffins and a clear vegetable soup. I haven’t cooked anything just for fun for ages! Then at about 1pm the girls & I ventured out to Deen supermarket as we had no basic groceries. . We began by cycling but soon regretted it, so our bikes are still locked up outside Deen, and we walked home. The snow is absolutely gorgeous and inconvenient!

The boys were sent home at lunchtime as it had gone from Code Orange to Code Red. It’s now snowing again. !










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