#102 snowy walk


Yes Yes, of course all Dutch people cycle through the snow. So we did too and after some slipping around in traffic, we soon regretted it. So we left our bikes at the supermarket and walked back!

IMG_20171212_133140So I let the boys have the day off today. IMG_20171212_133407

It’s beautiful out!

IMG_20171212_133449Then L, R, G and I went for a walk in the sunshine. IMG_20171212_133634

It’s fine cycling on these clear paths but every so often there’s a slippy sludgy bit, you have to dismount. IMG_20171212_134335

600 flights were cancelled out of Schiphol last night. But today there were planes going up and making a huge thundery noise as they passed through the snow clouds. Lola explained the science of it to us. As we got to Boterdijk it started to hail & pour with rain!! We rushed into the old village (Uithoorn at the river) and got chicken ‘n’ chips in Cafetaria. Which I haven’t been in before. It was friendly and warm in there.



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