#103 friends & neighbours & avocado

Hello! If you’re interested, you can see some pics of Buitenhof being built here.


SO this morning the boys went to school and Ruby & I cycled to visit V and her 2 cute little girls. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed the craziness of toddlers! It was lovely.

Later the Quiet Bloke next door knocked to ask if I’ve noticed the plain dark grey glass panel of frontage between my & his front doors, is broken. I hadn’t noticed as we barely use that door. He said it’ll be replaced by the homeowners insurance (incl in our rent) and I don’t need to do anything! Phew.

Today  made my way to Zuiderbad, the historical swimming baths next to the Rijksmuseum, because Jojo was doing his swim proficiency test and they invited parents. When I got there the place was empty and they said, “No schools here today” so I crossed a canal and found this: The Avocado Show !

just add rain!

I had to go through a black velvet curtain to enter, rather like a peep show! It was very nice dramatic avocado-themed decor inside, and I had a really, very good avocado eggs florentine. it even had a little purple flower on it! (pic from google)


Which was very nice indeed. Then I came home. Thankfully it’s been raining today, with bright sun. so the snow is disappearing. It really was quite inconvenient with the bikes!

quite tropical

Last night Jojo went to the birthday of someone from school and watched the new Star Wars film. He enjoyed it.  He also enjoys hoovering & tidying his room. We were joking that he’d like a hoover for christmas and he agreed! Is he really my son?



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