#104 Rijksmuseum

Hello! It’s Saturday, the boys are on 3-week Christmas holidays now.

Lee & I went to town for a fabulous avocado-based brunch at The Avocado Show. It didn’t disappoint! He had salmon poached egg muffin with 2 chicken thighs on the side (and some flowers on there) And I had vegan matcha blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, a lime-avocado mousse on top – amazing! And a sprinkle of marigold petals. It was all delicious. Then we walked over to the Rijks Museum – Lee has been waiting 6 months to finally go in! We found it good value to get a year’s museum pass each – they were eur£ 60 each, but let you into 400 places across NL !! including about 30 museums in Amsterdam. So we will definitely get our money’s worth. probably within a month. So Thanks to anyone who’s given us any money for Christmas, you got us that!


We went around in there for 2 hours. We saw some fabulous 500 year old religious carvings & paintings, amazingly bright paint, some crockery & stuff. I think we saw less than half of everything. So it’s nice to know we can pop in again anytime and see some more for free. Lee appreciates paintings a lot more than I do, but I liked this one a wedding portrait of William II, Prince of Orange & Mary Stuart. I was a bit upset that she was only 9.


So there’s lots more to see there. It’s a very impressive building too.

Then we walked across and up Spiegelgracht, which has a whole street of antiques shops and art galleries/shops. We heard a lot of English accents today. Then escaping the tourists, we ducked into Cafe Walem for coffee, fab jacket-on chips and crudites with pesto hummus. It was yum!

What a day, and (when not in the heavily touristed areas) You can just raise your eyes anywhere and see a gorgeously shaped roof, or some colourful tiles. Amsterdam is such a treat! I feel totally spoiled.




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