#105 Christmas Dinner

Today R, G&F came to church and S preached, he’s the husband of V who we’ve visited during the week. I think it’s helpful when you know the preacher as a person, isn’t it?

He was talking about the armour of God, some quite good reminders there.

Then we went to McD as usual. Then there was hardly time to get home before C picked  up me & Lola to go to a free Christmas Dinner in Aalsmeer. Like the ‘Goede Genade Eetkamer’ it was quite similar to many a meal I’ve helped at in SBC. So I am happy to be on the receiving end! A few people came over & spoke to us, and Lola sat next to a concert violinist who chatted to her quite knowledgeably about various things. We had a nice time & there was even a vegetarian version of beef wellington! I am really struggling & a bit annoyed that I am finding it so hard to understand anything anyone says in Dutch! But I think it’s possibly a combo of thick local accents and the flowing irregular nature of the language. So I need to talk a bit slower & more haltingly, to give people a clue that I’m not going to understand their answer!


As someone who has a compulsion to speak all the time it is very strange to sit at a table full of people and …not really say anything… When C & I are in the car she only uses 1 syllable answers and I still have to get her to repeat! (Dutch is not her native language you see).

SO a beautiful Monday morning, I cycled to Aalsmeer to the bank. It’s 30 mins cycle, but who could begrudge the ride when there’s so much to see on the way! (Also buses are available!)

miffy is Dutch, so school signs often feature miffy characters.
red, pink & gold baubles on the bushes



The Lion. There’s another windmill at Aalsmeer that I haven’t been to yet.


These lads live within baaing distance of the house.
this tiled bench



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