#106 Garden Centre

Good day, Tuesday Lola & I headed to Aalsmeer on the bikes to check out the Stommeer Windmolen, and then just head up into Oosteinde, the bit of Aalsmeer that’s away from the lake, that we haven’t seen much of.

It’s by a park called Seringenpark, Lilac Park. The Mill is between 2 bits of water at different heights, and has a lock of sorts & a small modern pumping station or similar. There was a couple of info signs, and the Mill worker lives in there. There was a list of the millers since 1650!

My phone camera has a crack in it, and the exposure is all wrong. That should give me some impetus to get a new contract phone!

Then cycled through an ugly industrial/agricultural bit, and a large residential area with apparently no shops at all, which I find very strange. We headed towards ‘Tuincentrum Het Oosten’ – East Garden Centre, for a cuppa & a houseplant.

Once again, WOWED! There was the enormous christmas decor area/grotto, bigger than I’ve ever seen. And with more elaborate backdrops! It took over an hour to walk through even though we had no intention of buying anything!

There were moving parts and sound effects. And I am in fact in the pic with all the santas. Find me!

Whole sections devoted to lifesize animals.  an elk was singing christmas tunes!

We have seen quite a few lifesize fake cows and sheep in gardens so this wasn’t a surprise. You could feed the koi for 50c and they were massive too. Gross!

Then…the plants. You know a UK garden centre in December, basically the whole thing is given over to xmas stuff. So we were not expecting…It was absolutely enormous! There was a huge heated place for thousands of indoor houseplants, palm trees etc. And huge freezing greenhouses of outside plants and accessories.

We walked around in wonder for about 4 hours and we did not get around the whole thing!

The monkey/gorilla section! A fake tree £150 that we both thought worth every penny!

So. there’s a cafe that does chicken nuggets too, so I am taking the whole lot of ’em there for a day out shortly!

And finally the wild west section – that lifesize horse is EUR 1000! and surrounded by hides, cowskulls etc.  And our restrained purchases – a decorative cabbage, a zebra plant and a ceramic shroom (my 2ndhand ones got smashed by a bike) .

A lovely cheap day out!



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