#108 Christmas 2017

What day is it? Who am I?!

That’s right, it’s the strange time between Christmas and New Year. Well.

Christmas Eve we went to xrds church for the 8pm Experience. It was very good! I took all the kids, as it was the only Christmas service. Outside were real campfires and tents, a lone flute-playing shepherd, in the dark. it was like arriving at Bethlehem on that night. Possibly.


Queueing for Gluhwein and hot Chocomel. There were people walking around with big trays of mixed nuts, raisins, olives. It was quite a good atmosphere made. There was a projector projecting film of camels walking through the desert on an outside wall.


Mum you’ve met these 2 guys! So the service involved pastor Paul speaking to us from the wailing wall. and then some carols and a fab acapella mashup .



Got home about 10pm and got the christmas tree out of the shed, put some christmassy music on and we (Mostly the girls) spent christmas eve decorating, then about 12 watched Elf. So different from the little kid years when i’d be all about putting them to bed so I could get all the presents wrapped, it used to be a very busy full evening’s work.

On Christmas morning Lee, Ruby & I went for a lovely cycle around Zijdelmeer. The other kids gradually woke up by about 1pm. we opened our resents, about 2 each, which was rather peaceful and didn’t make a mess. We enjoyed our gifts! Fred downloaded some games on his ps4. Jojo got some star wars lego soldiers. He does play with them still. He has quite a few little squads that he likes to set up. Lola put on some carols & hymns.

We watched quite a few films and Lee made a roast chicken dinner. We had got these crackers from Blokker – not many crackers sold in this country – and they had a snap, a hat, some tasteful colourful confetti of mini tissue circles, and an inspirational question inside such as, “What made you the happiest this year?” I thought it very nice but in case you don’t know us very well, my family pour scorn on any activity which might possibly promote mental health, so we just translated them and ignored them.

! We watched movies and ate fancy snacks, like all British folks. While out cycling we noticed Aldi was open. in fact most supermarkets were open for a few hours on christmas day.

Then on Second Kerstdag in the morning I had a lovely long quiet cycle around De Kwakel. we watched some films & had some nice snacks, and later Lola and I cycled around, went to the supermarket, and then cycled up the river a little bit. Someone was fishing in our pond this morning!

On 27th I was picked up by a lovely couple from homegroup, had a coffee at theirs and met this little dog, Rosebud!


And then we went to clean the recently-left home of another couple from Homegroup who have just moved to Singapore. I have this most-likely trapped nerve in my neck, so i wasn’t much use but i enjoyed chatting with my friends while slowly cleaning the kitchen together (she hadn’t had much sleep either). And we had oliebollen and lots of strong black coffee to encourage us! It was only me and those 2, so i feel like I know them a lot better now, they are rather fun & vivacious. They have lived in quite a few countries. The wife is also an experienced BSFer so we had lots to talk about. It was a very nice day.

I haven’t slept much recently with this neck nightmare, it’s painful to lie down, then difficult to get back up.


Today Thursday, Lee & I went to nearby Hoofddorp, where the big shopping centre is, as he wanted some shoes & stuff. He has never been before! Which is funny as we’ve all been dozens of times. The boys have even been without me. Well, he found what he wanted. And we had brunch in Zoet & Zalig, an ordinary cafe that serves delicious healthy food.

photo from annetravelfoodie.com

Which was lovely. It has been a very quiet Christmas, without a lot of the stressful aspects we struggled with previously. I have had lots of time to appreciate the exciting news that Jesus came so we could be free! And I have felt free indeed!


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