#110 Old Year’s Day, and maths.

Hi! On Sunday the 4 kids came to church again, Yay! And we went to McDonalds after. Then the girls and I went to see Bad Moms 2 at the Pathe Cinema by the Arena. It was Oudjaarsdag, Old Year’s Day / New Years Eve, which is a big party night here as in UK but also Fireworks. There has been quite a bit of random kids buying & setting off fireworks here in the last couple of weeks, but we didn’t realise quite how much the place was shutting down for the occasion. There was a sign in Bijlmer station saying no trains 8pm-1am. We ended up getting a taxi home which was $$$$$$$$$$ compared to Liverpool – in fact it’s the first (and possibly last) taxi I’ve taken since we moved here. Then got home, and there was a very loud party going on a few doors down. Lola said that continued til dayight, and from midnight onward the fireworks were so many, that it was a constant rumbling rather like thunder or rain!   This seems to be the one night of the year the Dutch are a bit selfish/irresponsible. I watched about 7 different, quite impressive displays going on from my bedroom window and then just put my headphones on and went to sleep.

In the morning some of us went for a cycle. There was firework mess everywhere, litter is a very unusual sight round here! Then around lunchtime this ad pops up from the Gemeente, something like everyone get your special firework rubbish bag and clear up outside your house! (I had missed this, the bag is 1 euro) and by teatime I went for a cycle with Lola, Uithoorn was all spic ‘n’ span!


Tuesday I went for my 2nd appointment at the chiropractor, it was quite a lot more cracking and bruising this time, and afterwards I looked at the clock and it had only been 15 minutes! 😲 but I do feel a bit more mended.

This is the waiting room at the chiropractors.

Then Lola and I went with Carla to Het Oosten garden centre, had a coffee & cake and walked around the houseplants.

It’s been rather windy, so we have stayed in except the odd trip to Aldi, Ruby & I walked as she hates cycling in the wind. People have just played videogames & watched films. Last night we saw The Take (or Bastille Day, movies often have a different name in Europe) which was quite good. I have been at work encouraging Fred to do his homework. The boys got their 1st reports from Mundus. Jojo got everything Good as ever, and Fred got all “within the minimum requirements” and “needs extra help” type comments as you would expect. Except in maths, it is the one subject that may keep him back in Language Class longer than he needs to be. I spent some time with him looking at the problem one day this week and we tried some strategies to help him overcome his attitude, stuff like keeping a vocab page in the back of his book. He is quite good at maths itself. The problems are all in defeatist attitude, lack of interest, lack of motivation etc.

So this week he has been doing a page of maths & then doing 20 mins on his videogame. He’s been paying Ark which is a Robinson Crusoe-like survival game but with dinosaurs. It’s rather fun.


In the high winds the entire front facade of our house rattles! Although it has remained pretty warm inside on just 1 hour’s heating each morning.

I am quite excited about my sister and also a friend from Gateway church planning to visit later this month.

Oh yes here’s the boy’s school pics.




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