#111 cycled to Hoofddorp

I don’t seem to have done much this week- i was trying to take it easy after the chiropractor appointment. I finally sent off the last 3 birth certificates to UK to get apostilled, that’s good!

On Friday afternoon Lola, Jojo & I cycled to Hoofddorp shopping centre. It’s the furthest I have cycled with kids. Lola wanted some stationery from Hema, she was feeling a bit motivated to organise & start doing some home study to prepare for future college. Good! It was dry and almost warm, so off we went…


It’s a very straightforward route! I find cycling usually takes about 2.5 x the time google maps tells us! It got very industrial quite quickly around Schiphol and started to rain. We are totally used to cycling in rain, but by the time we crossed under the runway approach, it was hammering down and we got to Hoofddorp absolutely soaked! We had some junk food in Febo and did a bit of window shopping. Lola got her ringbinder – we found that normal Dutch binders have 23 rings, but she found some 2-ring ones. Jojo spent a bit of his christmas money on a computer game, predictably enough! Then thankfully it was dry on the way home. It was dark and quite busy, the cycle paths are going alongside motorway for that whole route and we had a couple of flooded subways to navigate. But we enjoyed the trip.

Later we watched The Double featuring Richard Gere – we really need to get a Dutch TV package – we are scraping the barrel of Netfilx! For some reason I had a little bit of Lee’s coffee at 9pm – I would never do that normally. I was fully awake til 2am!

On Saturday Lee and I aimed to go to the Van Gogh Museum but on seeing the queue, we went to the Rijksmuseum again. To look at a couple of floors we didn’t catch last time. There was lots of ancient chinese ceramics in gorgeous bright saturated colours, looking very modern. We saw little dioramas of the Dutch colonies, a room with 2 or 3 large furnished dolls houses, swords, some entire rooms recreated from grand Canal houses, and more modern paintings .   Lee loved it but for me, museum 2 saturdays in a row is a bit much, between my foot pain and my general lack of interest in rooms full of old stuff.

Then we went to Pompa Mediterranean restaurant for a late lunch of pasta. I was craving a simple spaghetti napolitana and I wasn’t disappointed. It was simple but effective food & we want to go back!

Pompa. MMM! (it was absolutely crammed full tho)


Feeling much better, we had a little tramp around the area. We saw loads of fabulously decorated buildings. Quite often the decoration was so high up, you wonder who can really see it.


Then a wander around a bit of Vondelpark, where we met this overly tame Heron. As well as ducks, cormorants, grebes, coots, gulls etc.


A lovely day out. We can just go to Amsterdam any day we like. Wander around & take in all the amazing architecture, tiles, colours, details. Get a snack in any of over 1000 cafes and expect good healthy tasty food. What an absolute dream!

Thank You, God!



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