#112 Thanks God for friends

On Sunday the 4 kids all came to church again, for which i’m thankful! The sermon was given by Emanuel the kids pastor. I collared him afterwards and told him about our family and that I’d like him to pray for our kids to get involved & go to the youth activity, starting with the Youth Alpha in January. Then we went to McDonalds as usual.

We made lunches, prepped for school and went to bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday night. Then got up at 6am this morning & I suddenly realised they don’t need to be in til 9am Tuesday! So we went back to bed. Well, it worked out a good practise run.


I sat down with this book & chocs last night, do you see the connection! Surprisingly, the bible study application part of the first chapter of this book made me cry my eyes out!

I did chapter 2 this morning and it gave me some focus for the thoughts of the night before, but I really needed a human chat about things too. I cycled 30 minutes up Noordammerweg in the beautiful sunshine but 0 degrees, and had a lovely chat with Marcia. She is the first person in NL I’ve been able to have a proper talk with about my life story & struggles. She is a bit older than me & from Brazil. She had coffee & tissues at the ready, and was very helpful & supportive. I thank God for providing such suitable friends!! He really has never let me down.

I am very excited about leading my lifegroup this Friday for the first time, and also yesterday I put a notice on facebook saying I am going to do a Bible Study online from shereadstruth.com  – does anyone want to do it with me? And I got a taker! So I am thrilled to begin again, here in NL, doing the work that I believe the Lord has been fitting me out for all these years. Encouraging people to read the bible & trust God’s word.


Hello, thanks for reading, but I probably won't look at the comments,

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