#113 Kringloop mania!

Tuesday, it was the boy’s first day back in school. Lola & I went to Ikea with Carla yesterday. (yes, I do always ask Ruby to come!) And I got this memory foam pillow, it’s shaped and really quite firm.


It was perfect, there was no pain lying on my back, and then not much lying on my side. Hoorah! I really could not get on with the dutch pillows, they are so squishy!

We had a cuppa in Praxis the B&Q equivalent, and went in a secondhand shop, Lola got a pair of wintry white & ice blue timberland boots. Euro£ 10.

It’s not often these days I see all my kids so close together so i snapped them. Eating pizza, I took the pic silently but U know Lola’s got being-photographed radar!


I am enjoying my book ‘The Sacrament Of Happy’ by Lisa Harper. She’s quite the bible scholar as well as hilarious. I didn’t make any resolutions at New Year, but I have now, it’s to read more. I have read hardly any outside the bible since moving as my brain is always tired from either the Dutch or the different bureaucracy, it’s a lot of work! So I often sit down intending to read, realise my eyes are too tired,  and just end up putting on  Radio 4 extra instead & fall immediately asleep.

My favourite times are undoubtedly when I’m cycling. I’m encouraged by the sunshine we’ve had the last few days, I’ll soon be out there again every couple of days.

Wednesday I tidied up and cleaned out the fridge, before a bloke came to fix the freezer part. Then i just watched loads of old Oprah clips on youtube. I knew i needed to get out on the bikes but i had no oomph!

This morning I got Lola on a cycle with me, we decided to explore 2 more 2nd hand shops in Aalsmeer – We went to Dorcas first.


It was huge, with loads of stuff, a big baby dept, lots of collectibles displayed quite fancily downstairs. There was a small cafe upstairs, and also (shown left) an old man playing the piano as we left! We bought an unopened Europe map jigsaw  £ 1.25. Then across the car park to the furniture dept. there was plenty of cheap furniture, nothing special, but it proves you could easily furnish a complete house here for a few hundred euros. Dorcas was mostly full of mums in the baby dept and older middleclass looking ladies in the clothes. Nothing really caught our eye.

Then up the Oosteinderweg, a road lined both sides with a variety of interesting houses which mostly have a little bridge over water to access, and mostly all have a business, a farm or a harbour out the back. I hadn’t been up here before, I always just want a look!


And it didn’t disappoint. We just love looking at all the gardens, the outside decor people choose, and quite grand homes next to tiny cottages.


Then opposite each other, we found a Family Eethuis, so had a quick lunch, and “Kringloop Mania” which was an absolutely huge 2nd hand shop mainly full of quirky, interesting things – Lola wanted an antique banjo and also a mini, real working wooden piano which was about 2 foot square! we just bought 5 dvds for a fiver. But again, loads of perfectly good furniture i.e. single bed with mattress in good condition, £14!  we saw some fabulous huge ornately carved dressers and this organ

There was also a big building called The Beach Club. Apparently it’s an indoor beach for volleyball & wintry fun! I think we will have to visit.

We doubled back into Aalsmeer for the bank & shop, then home. About 21km cycled.

A very fun day.


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