#114 Uithoorn in January

Hi, this morning I awoke quite troubled and wrote down all my burdens in prayer as I do. Then I did my bible study: day 4 of the Matthew study by shereadstruth.com and, of course, The answers to all my worries were outlined clear as day, and in very specific detail!

Why am I ever surprised? Reading the bible is a way of quietly listening, So I can hear my loving Father God remind me how much He loves me and takes care of me. He wants me to trust Him with my life and leave the difficult stuff for Him to sort out.

With renewed strength I  attacked the pile of medical bills – which ones have been declared to CZ (our health insurer), which have been reimbursed for etc, etc, and then paid some bills. Boom!    It’s such a complicated mess, it’s a miracle every time I achieve a bit!

Then I went to the chiropractor & got shoved around and cracked a bit. I felt amazing afterwards! He took a pic of my posture on the first appointment, so I hope we will be able to see a before and after at some stage.

Then my Ruby and I went for a little cycle about Uithoorn.


Even in grey January I love it here!


And then had an unexpected lunch in Geniet Aan De Amstel.  We each had one of those tasting planks, full of little versions of the dinners. It was fabulous!

What a lovely place, whose idea was it for us to live here?!

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