#115 leading LifeGroup

Hi! On Friday night I lead our housegroup, or Lifegroup as it’s known. SH gave me a lift to Amstelveen, and there were 7 of us. From NL, Brazil, and USA .  I was very excited and nervous at leading as I LOVE it and I know i’m good at it, but it was such a long time since I last had a chance….


I really believe it’s one of the things God has been training me for all my life – All the experiences I’ve had, all the little unique things about my personality added together are my training and qualifications for this job! Also notably I find it effortless at the time even though there are lots of considerations and responsibility.


We had a great time looking back at the sermon and talking about how we can build each other up in the body of Christ. It was very fun & even the quietest person gave some thoughts.

During the evening  there was some discussion in Portuguese, with simultaneous translation by my Marcia!

SH happens to be the church’s co-ordinator of LifeGroups (there are almost 60!!) and he was present, so I will be asking for some feedback from him soon. Also, I am going to meet him & Marcia to discuss and pray for a BSF for our church. How exciting! I am praying about my role in that, and Lola has agreed to offer to assist in childcare.

Also I have enrolled the boys to the Youth Alpha starting soon and I am asking the girls to go to the Young Adult Alpha. I just want to get them in a group of like minded, english-speaking peers.

This morning Lola & I went to see V, who happens to be SH’s wife – they live very nearby in Uithoorn. Her cute 2 year old was on overdrive this morning!! Very entertaining and loud & adorable.

Then Ruby and I have sorted through a heap of paperwork to find her GCSE certificates as she is taking steps toward applying for this dutch work help/benefit. We found them!


Ruby has just made us some muffins. Hoorah!
Also I invited Carla, and my Lifegroup & all their kids to my birthday 4-8pm next Sunday. Pray for that to go well! I said ‘bring a plate of food’ and I’ll prepare a bit and hope for the best!

Please pray for us too, we had some difficulties this week, nothing new, but we can use all the help we can get!



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