#116 …rain….

OKAY! There was a lot of thunder in the night, we got whipped in the face by hail yesterday, and today it was Code Red again, so we stayed in and asked Carla to lunch. I offered her soup & sandwich, or the option of traditional English cheap lunch.  she went for that, so we had  Heinz beans on buttered toast, with some grated cheddar ( i had a one inch cube), and pg tips tea! Then we did a jigsaw and she eyed up my knitting, and kept hinting that she’d like to learn. So I gave my first knitting lesson in Dutch! I have a feeling she may have learnt to knit 50 years ago or more. But we had fun & she mainly got it!

Other activities generally pursued on rainy days- lots of us have got back into Stardew Valley on the PS4, which is a modern reboot of my all-time fave game, Harvest Moon on the DS. Farming, mining, fighting monsters and interacting with adorable pixellated characters!


My lovely Angie can’t come to my birthday, so Tuesday she treated the girls & me to a cuppa & cake in Venstra Cafe in Stadshart. We had a lovely long chat – it’s possibly been 2 months! She has a crazy life too. And it’s nice to reflect, she was there for me, a stranger, when I first arrived, and I was very needy. And now it’s different, we just really enjoyed each others’ company and prayed for each other.

I don’t know if you know who Steve Harvey is, He’s an american on TV, but I think he’s fab and I have unofficially adopted him as an uncle. (he doesn’t know!) I just read one of his books, it was excellent and Lola is reading it now.



SO Ruby filled in her form, saved it but its a funny type of document, ending in .tfa

We went to the library to print & post it, their system was down in two libraries that we tried! The next day tried again but the computer would not deal with this .tfa file! GAAAAH!

Ruby & I were in Amsterdam trying to print this form, and then I was going to DENISE to the boys’ parents evening. she came along. We had a couple of hours just looking around in Amsterdam . Who gets to do that on parent’s evening?!

we had cuppa & a nata in a Brazilian deli, we saw some daffodils and snowdrops. There’s a section of canal, empty and dry while they do maintenance. Amongst many other things we saw these stuffed animals & stones.






At school I had only made one appointment, with their mentor Ms B. She was delightful, we got on very well. she is taking such a personal interest into each child. Even tho’ neither boy appears to like school at all, I am happy sending them there each day.

I have been having a wonderful time, with my Lord! I am spending lots of time with Him & finding He is totally worth it.




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