#117 Mennonietenbuurt

Hello, glad to be in the sunshine again after a Code Red day,  Lola & I cycled down to Vrouwenakker. There is a bridge near where the Amstel and the Kromme Mijdrecht meet. Kromme means Curve apparently.


I couldn’t tell at the time, but over this side of the bridge, I was in the province of South Holland.

2 or 3 km to Uithoorn & ultimately to Amsterdam.
destination unknown!
We stayed on our side of the bridge as the path follows the Amstel. We cycled back up to Uithoorn in no time, we saw a stork , muscovy ducks and all the usual suspects.

We popped over the bridge to Amstelhoek & turned right to explore Mennonietenbuurt. It’s just a bit of river frontage and 2 or 3 streets. a school, a cafe & a Polish shop!

Het Rechthuis hotel from the Other Side of the Amstel. 

And finally! Remember that crazy red lamp I received for Pakjesavond? (£4.25) well we found a blue one for £2.50! Had to have it! Also we got some lavender bags – there was a basket overflowing with them, it smelt heavenly.


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