#119 sisters visit

Hallo! it’s lovely out today! a lot of yellow crocus are showing through by the roadsides.


So I cycled up to Westwijk for my 1st time at Xrds ladies bible study group. It was lovely, with lots of international ladies and smiles, a tear, and a new book to begin:


So I enjoyed it, felt very welcomed & I had 2 really nice proper english chats with 2 British Laydees.

Then I had a phone call with the pastoral worker from school, making an appointment for talking about Fred & what help i can get off the govt.

Then the girls and I went to Ikea with Carla just for fun.

Now, my lovely sister came for the weekend. We had a wonderful fun time. I didn’t take any pics tho. I did make her cycle 9 miles! We had a lot of talking & laughing and cried a tear and even a little bit of public choking/ crying with laughter in a restaurant – one of our special sisterly activities! Oh yes also we collaborated on watching a swedish/french murder prog which had dutch subtitles. We sort of got it between us! That’s some quite niche fun!

thatching in progress

okay! So that’s where we’re up to.




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