#120 February 1st

It’s february already! Time really flies when you’re learning to live in a new country and having a wonderful time!


On Wednesday Lola & I went into Amsterdam for a school meeting with the Pastoral worker. Turned out i had the wrong day! So we took the tram no. 4 to town and went to Stephen & Penelope, a fabulous knitting shop in the touristy area.


The no 4 is quite a fun ride with lots to see.

Then we had dinner in the Cafe Anno1890 Pub, it had a lovely atmosphere and rugs on some of the tables! Also Anita formerly of 2Unlimited is singing there next week, Wooh!


Today I went back by myself & had a very good meeting. Lots to think about for Fred’s future school options and I have got some steps to take myself. Which is nice. I had some potato & fennel soup for lunch in Broers in Rivierenbuurt, the area their school’s 2nd building is. (my boys have different buildings on different days). Rivierenbuurt has lots of lovely 20s & 30s flats, individual characterful homes, the Amstel with houseboats. It’s a very nice place to live & just a stone’s throw from town.

Note the classic car perched atop a houseboat across the river!

I have carefully crafted a rota and enforced it! I wrote a set of detailed instructions per each job. I am Bringing The Hammer Down!




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