#121 Huis Marseille

Hello, today Lee & I had a good talk over our morning coffee before getting on the bus to Kruiskerk Amstelveen. We walked to this windmill / restaurant called De Jonge Dikkert. which i can only translate as “the boy fattens.” !


Then walked through this park called Broerse.

we saw some black swans, chinese ducks and peacocks.

and this big aviary full of finches, canaries etc. they had really good living standards as far as i can see, with loads of room to fly, indoor & outdoor bits, and loads of trees and bushes.

Then the bus & tram to Bo Nam, a vietnamese place for lunch. Lee had dinner there with work recently. It was quite moody and urban inside but i noticed the music was definitely christian! We had really good food. I had grilled pineapple salad. MMM!

i had to ask for a fork.

Then we walked along a bit, it’s in a few streets chock full of foreign food places, just off Leidseplein.

We looked on our MuseumCard app to see what’s nearby, that we can get into for free. And went to Huis Marseille, “museum for photography” on Keizersgracht. It had 2 big photographic exhibits on – one of North Korea and one of a new housing estate in Rawabi, near Ramallah. I am not a massive photography fan, Lee is. But we were both quite frankly more interested in the architecture of the house itself, the garden & surrounding buildings! Architecture nerds!

this fab massive old cooker spotted in the basement! love it.

Then we just walked up Keizersgracht a bit. It’s quiet & a bit more residential compared to the streets that cross it, the “9 straatjes” that are busy with tourist stuff, expensive designer shops & craftsman shoemakers & such. We spotted this place Cafe George and went in for a coffee to warm us up! it’s 2 or 3 degrees today.

give ’em 2 square feet and Amsterdammers will make a garden!

Cafe George felt very french, there was a busy atmosphere with lots of friends & families meeting, passing the afternoon with a wine and meal. We just had a quick coffee, but it was a really good one, we’ll be back.

Another lovely day out.



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