#122 Lavender!

Oh goodness time is flying!
On Sunday we tried out the 10am service at XRDS instead of 12noon. Miraculously even Ruby managed to get up in time!  Then, Fred is young enough to go to the teen thing during sermon so he was off my hands and i must admit i actually cried a bit from relief!!

I met 2 of the ladies from the ladies bible study group there. There are hundreds of people at 10am and there were adults standing in the aisles, waiting for the kids to goto sundayschool so they could get seats!

It was a v good sermon on “You must invite Jesus in before transformation can begin.”

then we got the bus to Hoofddorp as we fancied a BK instead of McD.

I think at least 4/5 want to attend the 10am from now on. There is also an older teen element for Jojo – they stay in the service, but sit together. but we were just observing it this week.


Monday Ruby & I went to Vanessa’s in the morning for a nice chat and I did do some dutch chatting with Vanessa, as being in XRDS means we never need speak dutch again if we don’t want! The language they speak at XRDS and all over the world is called English but it’s definitely American. And we have to adjust our language accordingly as British English is overly nuanced & contrived in comparison. (especially mine LOL)

I had a lovely time at the ladies Bible Study again on Tuesday morning, there is an hour beforehand for socialising, and a dutch lady called Wendy said she lives near me & can give a lift if necessary.  (it was minus 4 as i cycled to the bus station this morning!)  The first chap of our book was about living in a foreign city based on Jeremiah 29. gave us all lots of inspiration for life! (altho i should say about 50% are living in their home city!).

It’s freezing but we had lovely warm bright sun yesterday. Hurrah! there are  yellow crocuses coming out, and some daffodils are fully out in Uithoorn. It’s reassuring that Spring will be here “someday”! Also the shops are full of easter eggs & cakes & biscs, but not the big choc ones like in UK. Gorgeous colours huh!


I went for lunch at Het Oosten garden centre with Carla as i needed more bigger pots to pot up our houseplants. We got some more lavender bags in Jouw Marktkraam as we are mad on them! All just sitting around in the evenings, watching “Comedians in cars getting coffee” and breathing in through lavender bags!


I have met a lot of lovely ladies in the last couple of weeks and I can feel the slight pressure, of making decisions about who to actually become friends with. As i was always running from one nice cuppa to another in UK and i am interested in being much wiser and slower these days. So I’m asking God to guide me.

The Lord has been so close and wonderful in the past couple of weeks while I have been considering aspects of life, making decisions, looking at behaviours which need to radically change. it has been a lovely peace & joy-filled time. I can feel myself waking up into effectiveness and getting ready for a new work. It’s exciting!


I took Fred to the Dr today so she can refer him to the Bascule, which is Amsterdam’s child psychology dept/ ASD, ADHD support place. He will have some assessments to add to his ASD Diagnosis, start the ball rolling on any help we may be able to receive. So another babystep forward!






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