#123 Het Rechthuis aan de Amstel

Ruby & I cycled up Boterdijk towards the river in Uithoorn old village.  We saw a cat calmly walking along the ice. It was -4, so all the ditch waters were still & iced over.  We saw lots of groups of ducks, geese etc standing around on the ice. The river was flowing though.

very clean innit
IMG_20180206_201954 (2)
having fully inhaled the lavender recently.

We wanted the Ijssalon, but it’s been shut overwinter and finally opens today! So we ended up in the Rechthuis (court/lawhouse) Hotel, which we have previously avoided as it don’t look cheap. It has a lovely terrace onto the river. Obviously we were inside in this weather!


the sunlight was actually burning me a bit thru the window and my cardigan. Hurrah!

we had a fabulous lunch, sketched and played hangman.


Then we went to Ruby’s Dr appointment, and we have taken another babystep towards Getting her Sorted!


and finally Fred made us a fish pie with crayfish in. I tried a crayfish. Urgh, never again!


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