#124 Birthday, Artis Zoo

Friday 9th Feb, the girls’ 19th birthday. The boys were at school, Lee took the day off work and we 4 went to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.

We started with brunch in Borrl opposite the zoo entrance. it was 1 degree, with snow forecast, so we were aiming for the indoors exhibits. Thankfully that’s loads of it! It has a large jungly room where tiny marmosets, big bats, lizards and squirrel-like animals roam freely about. Lee’s pics:

we got quite close to that Lizard! It was really good, and warm obviously! Then there were all the bird houses, they have a warm corridor along the rear which is open as shown here,


but lots more than this. so lots of birds were coming close, and a pair of this fancy blue bird were walking among us!


Then also there was a red lemur enclosure & they were walking among us too! which i wasn’t expecting. We saw lots of things up closer than you’d think! We had a coffee in one of their restaurants, the Twee Cheetahs  which is also fab .


But the most impressive bit was this lake, where the large birds are very open to people, its a bit intimidating even on a calm day but it was feeding time & there was frenzied loud chaos!

they kept flapping over, right above our heads, of course its impossible to capture. it was very exciting!

and here are 2 tiny little paintings Lola did the other day.

Also some men came and put a clear sheet of plastic over the broken glass panel the other day, so that’s something.

On Friday Fred went to youth alpha again and enjoyed it, and I lead Lifegroup again. There was only 5 of us and we had such a laugh, i cannot imagine what about!! I was thrilled to get some of the quieter people to tell us some little stories of times they saw God move & transform things in their lives, and we encouraged each other to believe He will again. It was excellent.

On Saturday I went to a leadership morning at Xrds, with about 40 others. It’s a very exciting time at Xrds as they are developing new leadership & discipleship courses and need more leaders just as I am stepping forward to take on my new God-appointed role as some kind of discipleship leader, what an amazing coincidence 😉

I had a lot of fun & met lots of new people. I really started to feel more like my “colourful” old self, I cheerfully disagreed with something in a small group, facilitated a quiet person and got an overview of the characters & dynamics in the leadership of my new church. It’s so very, very different to both SBC and Gateway, perhaps because of the size, as i understand there may be a 1000 people coming on sundays and that takes a lot of organisation. I met a lady whose job at the church appears to be graphic designer! I haven’t thought of that before.

On Sunday early hours Lee left for Belgrade. He’s got a lot of travel coming up in the next few weeks. The kids (except Ruby) got up for the 10am service at church and Fred went to Teens group again. We sang some very good songs, One has “All your promises are Yes & Amen” and another had extremely touching words about all the things Jesus has done for us. Paul is doing a series about transformation in our lives called Water into Wine, and this week he was talking about God’s transforming power in the area of Emotions & Feelings. This is a subject I’ve personally studied & learnt a lot about, and I must say he was able to distil a lot of truth & helpful info into one sermon! It was very good.





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