#125 Aalphen aan den Rijn

Hello, this week Lola has been working at Clara Maria cheese farm. It has been jolly hard physical work, she’s been mainly making cheese in a traditional manner, with a bit of stocktaking & shop work between. this scarf & clog woggle is her uniform!

It was a beautiful morning on Tuesday so I cycled to ladies Bible study. Then went to Marcia’s for lunch. We had a really good chat, she’s amazing. She was helping me with researching an affordable landlord, I’m hoping to move near her in Amstelveen in summer. Here’s a pic from the bus stop on Legmeerdijk. I stopped in there to shelter from the wind & have a drink.


On Monday I went to Het Oosten with Carla for a bigger plant pot and then we ended up having a sandwich in Mijdrecht.  On wednesday Ruby & I cycled around Uithoorn doing lots of errands and then went to Hobby Dee, where i got some lovely Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn.

gorgeous huh! I only got 2 though.

And this week Carla took me to Utrecht to attend a lunch group for older folks, by the Salvation Army. I worked hard listening to all the Dutch, trying to join in a bit. One lady thought i was Ukrainian! It was just like Welcome Club down the Noahs, seen from the other side.

Above, a nice bit of Mijdrecht and heart shaped bread for valentines day.

Lola had friday off, so we went to Aalphen Aan Den Rijn. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in the sunshine! We enjoyed tapas lunch and the shops, it’s a lot bigger than Uithoorn and reminds us of Chester a little bit.


It has a good mix of ordinary shopping centre, fancy characterful area and modern .  Lee & I went there the next day for our Saturday trip. It’s not actually very far away, but it’s an hour by bus through lovely agricultural landscape with lots of windmills. Winding through various villages, quite a nice trip.

interweb pic of the area

I was intrigued by the fietsappel, the bike apple. it’s a 4-storey bike park at the bus/train station. the butterflies are actually woven into the metal chainlink fence!


Snowdrops abound ! and finally a little painting from Lola.


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