#126 by De Poel

Oh dear! I have done too much this week and I’m drained.

On Monday evening I went to the XRDS prayer meeting in the evening, my first time. It was a very sweet spirit with worship, corporate & small group prayer. Lennart was excellent as host & playing the keyboard throughout. I was encouraged by the range of expression by different people. I was able to encourage someone about the future for their ASD kid, with some of our family’s story.

Got back home before 10 but I was very sluggish getting up the next day. Wendy gave my girls & I a lift to Bovenkerk, where the ladies bible study were having a walk around De Poel in the Amsterdamse Bos. We had tea & psalm 23 in a gracious lady’s home before our walk of an hour or so. We had points along the route with green pastures, quiet waters etc. And then, the Valley of the Shadow was going into the enclosure of the scottish highlander cows! I am actually terrified of cows but it was rather fun, there were two cute little calves.



They are a lovely bunch!

Then I finished my latest series, called The Cliff (icelandic with dutch subtitles) which has been very good. I had to go to bed before 8pm – i am getting very tired recently, the Dr says it’s probably hormones. I need to be more Insistent about doing less! I am enjoying not cooking, there is a different teen on the rota each evening for that. But they aren’t really doing the tidying bits, i’ll have to kick up a fuss.

I could barely drag myself out the bed for 2 medical appointments, and then this morning I finally,  –finally ! handed in the last 3 “apostilled” birth certificates to the Gemeente. so we are all 6 officially registered as living in Uithoorn (altho’ still not registered as married as the appropriate dept in UK couldn’t prove our marriage cert was real!)!  So that is one more job done. Goodbye!





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